I am so freaked out.

So, I'll make my rambling short and sweet because though I have been ULTRA selective in my photo choices, I still have a gazillion to show you. All of them are in chronological order 'cept the first four which are by far the most important. So they are just thrown in there. Also I decided to go square minus twoish. Enjoy :)!
1. EVIDENCE THAT BRYAN AND I ARE ENGAGED! You see that ring? Yes! He proposed and we celebrated for several days in a row. Mom and Dad flew down to be with us, and Shannon drove up, Bryan's brothers and sister came to share the happiness, and all of my friends earned titles of The Best Besties in the World. It was truly perfect.
And, as I said, here we have The Best Besties in the World:
And for some reason a very cute Limbs, old school style (already a year old! What the heck!):
And just for fun some Ally and Toulouse. Whatever, so cute:
Some cute earrings I made last semester:

THE FOLLOWING IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! In case anyone was wondering who defeated whom in this game of life, see below:
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand again if you need it closer and from another angle:
Such a cute semi-Purrito I can hardly stand it.
Such a cute fiance I can hardly stand it (p.s. this was Avatar 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!):
This was me and Sydney when we were picking out the Christmas tree. Sister, obviously. Here is a button nose boop through the ether.
So here is the part where for one entire weekend I pretended to actually be Sarah Garber. And I spent my time with fine company, indeed, at Emerson Point. The Garbers are very wonderful and the weekend was lovely and relaxing and fun and delicious.
Jenna is scandalous.

THEN! A CRAZY THING HAPPENED! It snowed A TON in Richmond. Here are just two pictures, not great evidence of all that snow but the textures are nice and yummy:

So, here are three paintings from last semester. This one is quite gigantic.
This one is petite.
And this one is somewhere in between.
THEN Jenna and I romped about in Costa Rica. We almost got eaten by a puma and I threw up A LOT. I didn't include the barf bag picture (as it is nasty) but if you wanna see it, I can show you.
Picture 1. This little guy was hanging out (haha!) outside of our hostel one nice.
3. This is a cozy little place in Manuel Antonio National Park, where we just sat beneath a tree on the beach and just enjoyed the breeze.
3. This is Jenna with a pretty mariposa.
4. These are ants. They are very common. And they crawled on us. And sometimes they are like war ants and they march in lines of four and five across carrying large green leafs.
5. Neaaaaaaat.
That is all. I KNOW, I know, not all that exciting. I have 1,000,000 more pictures, you know. Anyway, I hear about in interview in a few weeks, finish classes in 5, graduate in less than 7, and move down to Chapel Hill (hopefully!) in 8, and hitched in 6 months. What the heck.