I cannot believe I am going to be a senior.

And with that I simply cannot believe that next year is my last year. How can that even be possible? I mean, really. Sursly. So I am spending the summer in Richmond, living with three very good friends in a tiny apartment in between the city and campus. I am working on campus, though, on a project called "Children's Illustration: Visual Narrative." I have an Arts and Sciences Fellowshipm, which means my salary for the 10 weeks comes from UR, and that I will have to present my work in the Spring.
I got to move into my senior studio early, and here it is!!!!!!!!!! :
I am very lucky, I realize this. It is such a wonderful space mmmmmmmm I just love it.
But meanwhile, here are a few of my works from last semester, as my family hasn't seen any of them. Enjoy!
"A portrait of Syda," oils. This was my final painting for my Junior Thesis class.
"A Portrait of Syda," detail.
Here is a series I did in my screenprinting class:
"Our Pagan Love," screenprint
"Conversion," screenprint
"A Severity as Merciful as Love," screenprint
"A Severity as Merciful as Love," detail
Here is a piece I did in the first couple weeks of last semester, and for some reason I still really like it. It is RULL mixed media (screenprint, gouache, watercolor, colored pencil, paper, marker, erm...):
"The Greatest Show on Earth," mixed media
Another painting:
"Today the Hawk Takes One Chick," oils
This was my second painting of the semester, and it was for my junior thesis class. I was in "Figure Painting and Narrative" which was all oils, but I NEVER EVER NUNCA JAMAS thought I would willingly paint independently in oils. I had been scarred ever since "Obsevational Ptg" first semester of college, and I really hated oils. But alas, this is how it got started. Now I am stuck in oils because they are so nice and juicy and mmmmm....
"Self Portrait 1," oils
"Self Portrait 1," detail
"Self Portrait 1," detail
I guess just for fun I'll put my other things, thought perhaps I won't write much about them. They are just some paintings, screen prints, or illustrations:
John and Julie's wedding invitations (LESS THAN THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!), screenprint
Some V-day cards I screenprinted.
Again, screenprint.
My first painting, untitled and in oils.
Painting two, oils.
"Couple in a Field of Flowers," oils.
Phew! I guess there are a few others things, that maybe I will put in my next post. That was intense. But it's nice to update everyone, with pictures because every time someone asks, "oh what is that painting about?" or "what is that painting of?" I usually just go "eeeerrrr well you see....uhhhhhh."
So here you go.
Sarah :)
p.s. I am listening to a Podcast called "Coffeebreak French!!!!!!!!!!!" ahhhhhhhh! I can say, I don't know....three things or so now. Booyah.

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Jenna Garber said...

I know I already told you that I love your art.....but I just revisited your blog, and I need to tell you again: I love your art. You are so talented, Sarah. Any of this going in our apartment? Can't wait to see you :-)