Senior Year--this feels a little weird.

Today was the first day of classes. Technically not my last first day of classes, as next semester will be that, but my last first day of first semester classes and that counts for something, no?

I feel very calm about the start of this semester, like I am ready to conquer the next year and move into a new stage of living. This sounds crazy, I am sure, but I am looking excitedly forward to paying off my loans, getting a routine and job that will help me grow closer to what I really want to spend my life working at, getting an apartment in Chapel Hill, becoming a member of a small, public library, and cooking everyday. Nonetheless, it's going to be a really wonderful year--an apartment with three of my best friends, visits to NC to hike/cook/eat-pints-of-ice-cream with Bry, letters to and from Syda in FL, thesis (not to mention my Children's Lit. class this semester and a possible cartooning class next semester!), Stacy wedding next summer (bachelorette party, invitation design!!!!!!!!! everything, woot!).

I realized today, though, that I have left many people hanging as to my progress and my adventures this summer. So, here are some documented updates:
(p.s. I am surprised that people still read this, honestly. But that is great!)
(p.p.s. Updates go...backward in time. From recent to...less recent.)
A page from my children's book I am working on. The University did an online feature on me! This photo was included, and here is the link if you are interested in reading it: http://news.richmond.edu/art/features/art-sarah-nagel.html
Another two-page spread from my book. The University is also featuring this (I am so lucky, I know) in an Artes Liberales booklet they send out each year. I think I am on the back cover? Pretty cool!

The sisters, Sunset at Indian Shores beach, FL. We were there dropping Sydney off in St. Pete's at Eckerd College. I am on the left, Syd in the middle, and Stace on the right (poor Shannon was missing but she was there in spirit.)

The sisters! All of us! Sarah, Shannon, Syda, Stacy! This one (along with the next few) are from Sydney's graduation party in June.

On our way up to Jenna's cabin for the weekend (me, Juju, and Jenna) we stopped in Lancaster and went to The Green Dragon, A GIGANTIC FLEA MARKET OF SORTS where we got these Amish whoopie pies. This one was pumpkin, which is my favorite, and luckily I was in the back so I got a headstart on eating in before the others realized it was open. Yesssss.

We kayaked.

Bathed in the freeeeezing creek.

Got ice cream and enjoyed the serene, beautiful atmosphere.

This is the cabin! We went on the lovely hike that featured dozens of gorgeous waterfalls.

And to end this post, here is my handsome boyfriend with a 'mallowstache. I think he is quite wonderful.

Oh, and of course, the best news yet: my book list for children's lit!!!!!!

Harry Potter; The Secret Garden; Peter Pan; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Coraline; Charlotte's Web; Bridge to Terabithia AND MANY MOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!

I love you all and p.p.p.s. I am melting in the hottttt VA weather. Honestly.



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