The Hair Cuttery.

Wednesday, June 11

We are about to watch a movie, but small update:
This morning we got up and go re-fingerprinted. Then we had a meeting with Russ and Charlotte, both members of the curriculum team. We presented our curriculum and GUESS WHAT…
…THEY LOVED IT! Charlotte said that in her years of teaching and mentoring, all her student teachers were never this creative or efficient. She loved our ideas, and she was impressed by us IMMENSELY.
Isn’t that just crazy. After our meeting ended, we looked at Charlotte’s car which was FULL of neat-o supplies (3D CHALK, markers, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, etc…SO MUCH FUNSKI STUFFSKI). We went back inside, and Kara asked me to cut her hair. I did so. She got le fringe! I.E. THE FRINGE WAS BORN FROM THE ASHES OF NOTHING! THEY ARE PHOENIX FRINGE! She looks ridiculously adorable. I like her a ton. The experience was quite nervous-ey, seeing as how Ashlyn, Michelle, Amanda, and Bre were all staring and critiquing and being all munching munchers with pretzels. My nerves were tight as two tight things. After cutting her hair, Kara had to get ready to leave for dinner for her sister’s graduation and Amanda, Bre, Michelle, and I left for our class of the PILATES varitey!!!!!!!!! IT. WAS PAINFUL. All this bending and holding and hundreds-ing and rolling and bending and LAUGHING (because I was facing this mirror. In it, I could just see from my clavicles up and during pilates we did this one thing, you see: you had to hold your legs all stretched out in front like a “V,” sitting on your bumolio, and so THEN guess what was all I could see in the mirror. My face (which was grinning and also ridiculous looking) and two skinny legs just poking out from the what appeared in the mirror to be “The beyond.” It was mad.)
We got home, got fried chicken (again) delivered, with some mac and cheese and cole slaw (Again.) And now we are watching a movie called “Sydney White” with the vair cute but wee bit annoying Amanda Bynes. Goodbye for now.

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Jenna Garber said...

I gave a haircut in Peru, too! I cut a boy's hair, like a buzz cut, only without the buzzer thing. Just scissors and a comb. Craziness.