Wednesday, June 18
It has become quite hard for me to summon the energy to sit down and journal, because I have taken to writing Syda letters, which is secretly my one love of life. It is my favorite thing. And yesterday, whenst I arrived home from camp, there was a letter taped to our door (which has happened once before—from Linda and Charles…) so everyone screamed, ran out of the van, and rushed to get the letter. Everyone was quite sad to find it was for…MOI! Wee!
It was probably the best letter from Syda in the whole entire world. I just love her so much. SO I am going to finish her letter after this, but first I am making myself update you all camp-wise.
Today was the third day of camp, which is actually hard to believe. Now, I am drinking chai tea and reflecting on this statement. I have been thinking about camp a lot, actually, just not writing my thoughts down. I have talked to Bryan, and to the other interns. Here are the problems I am having:
I am having a hard time making this feel like camp, not like school. We are in an elementary school, limited supplies with which to work (i.e. we don’t have outdoor activities, large open field that the kids could frolick through…), and our curriculum in centered around reading, writing, and learning in general. I love learning, don’t get me wrong. It’s just hard to separate learning from school.


I have been struggling with implementing the peaceful resolution slash universal values part of the camp. It’s making me feel a bit guilty and sort of like a failure. Upon further investigation and further reflection, I have come to the conclusion that just having adults there who care about the kids and college aged young women who care about each other and about the kids is doing a lot for the kids. They probably rarely get to spend time with women who are in college and who are interested in their well being. And who are good role models. You know? So I feel privileged to be able to share time with them. And to show them that I care about them and that I am, in fact, a good neighbor.

On that note, the simple fact that these kids would otherwise be at home, probably alone, through the summer is reason enough to recognize the success of this camp. The kids are starting to really love reading time. This is great because not only are they reading (WHICH IS AWESOME) they are also spending time with caring adults who are there solely to spend one-on-one time with the children.

Also, they are getting fed. I don’t think the food is the absolute best or most nutritious (i.e. ham with pores and that looks like a brain, potato chips, and fruit cups, oh and chocolate or plain milk) but I do think that it is filling them up and for kids, the lunch is great. Even though Bry thinks I am being a big baby for not wanting to eat the freaky ham or potato chips again, I know that I require different nutrients (as a 20 year old almost-adult) than what a child requires. It is a simple fact. I am not some freaky person type thing that eats weird food. I need some good stuff to sustain me whilst I am working with my kiddies.

I just got interrupted because I had to search for the name of the city in northern Quito where I was living last summer. COTOCOLLOA!!!! Duh. I could not think of that for the past 3 days. It was so annoying.

Anyway. Additionally, I am just needing to relax at camp and I am spending his weekend trying to learn some more camp songs. Why haven’t I don’t this before? I love camp songs.

I feel very space-ey now because Amanda’s computer is playing songs and everyone is talking and I am just having trouble concentrating.

But all in all, the first three days have been good. I can feel myself each day getting a little impatient with the other interns. I just don’t like feeling like I am the only one yelling at the kids (even though I know I am not), and feeling like I can’t enjoy my time with them because I am the only one enforcing order and non-chaos (which I ALSO know I am not). But all these things are the result of feeling like we need to have a calm and controlled atmosphere. Which, in the aforementioned paragraph, I have already vowed to relax more. So I think letting go of my need to have order (which I THINK is the result of my previous camp. Because I was working with my boss and my boss’ boss, so I always felt like I needed to have control of the situation to show competence. You know? Mess’t up, yo’.) will help with everything.

Oh how fun! We are planning the funnest (which isn’t even a word) day in the whole world. Fridays are officially VAIR FUN FRIDAYS!!! This Friday is Water Day. We are going to have pie contests (where you have to find the hidden gummi worm), water balloon toss, bobbing for apples, water relays, etc. It will be very fun. I am excited because it will be outside, and the kids will be running around. Oh, and freezie pops for snack!!!!! Horray!
Okay, love you all.
I have to finish Syda’s letter.


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