Prostates and Hemorrhoids.

Tuesday, June 10

So it’s late, but I thought I would give a few updates:
We are practically done planning week one! That’s so exciting.
We woke up this morning (with new spiffy Y passes, courtesy of Charles the Wonderful.) and went to a Yoga class from 10:10-11:05. IT WAS SO AMAZING. I felt so stretchy afterward and happy and full of good thoughts.
Then we went to the church, where we ate PB&J and then sat for 3.5 hours and planned the curriculum for week one of camp. The theme is “Nature” (i.e. everything in nature is good, we should take care of the world…) and fun things include: birdhouse making, dino racing, listening to J.Johnson’s “With my Own Two Hands” and then making a big huge banner that says “NATURE IS IN OUT HANDS!” where the kids will make hand prints and color a picture of something in nature for which they promise always to care and we will hang it up on parents celebration day the last and final day of camp. There are many other fun things planned. You just wait.
After planning, we went back to el cabin-o, got dinner delivered to us by a lovely couple who made chicken casserole with salad and bread, ate it with Linda and Charles, then went to a presentation meeting about how to officially record the meals we serve to the kids, the ones that come from “Feed the Children.”
Then we came back, spent 3 more hours on “finalizing” the curriculum (by “FINALIZING” I simply mean listening to songs from HSM I, making up cheers, saying “doo, doo” more times that necessary, and really bursting out in fits of laughter.) We decided on a catchy “Hands, hands, I am thankful for my hands! Food, food I am thankful for this food! Friends, friends, I am thankful for my friends! DRUMROOOLLLLL GOOOOOOOD NEIGHBORS!” cheer that we shall chant before each lunch.
It is really getting exciting. I am nervous. Good thing I have yoga. It keeps me stretchy.

Snogs for One and Snogs for All,

p.s. Note: at one of the trainings we were at, one with the reading buddy volunteers, a vair elderly man sat down next to me and the other volunteers and he said:
“OHHHHHhhHhHHH! Thank goodness I can sit next to these good looking, young ladies! I get so sick of old people…being around them all day…all they ever talk about are prostates and hemorrhoids…”


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Jenna Garber said...

prostates and hemroids...ha!
you're funny
PS I'm reading all your posts right now :-)